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Transforming the Now generation through education.

Education is relevant and significant in making an impact for the Kingdom of God.  With 80% of the Kenyan population being under the age of thirty years old, education is a fundamental element to the future.  Through education, people are equipped with life skills which prepare them to meet the challenges of life.  

All of our programs stand on one of four pillars: Bridging Denominations, Making Disciples, Building Families and Transforming Communities. These are the same pillars we have had from day one, and continue because they are kingdom driven. Each one of these pillars works in relationship with the others.

The Special Needs Centre

Currently there is no facility within the Country of Kenya that provides the opportunity of appropriate treatment and adoption for special needs children that are orphaned or abandoned. The immediate need is the creation of a 20-bed referral facility for orphaned and abandoned special needs children that provides them with the therapies and the special care that they need to reach their full potential and to place them with a family that is prepared to care for them.

When fully operational, this facility will house 100 children getting excellent care as they await their forever family to adopt them. We will also offer out-patient services to those families that are struggling to get proper assistance for their child with Special Needs.

The Centre exists to show the love of Christ through rescuing and caring for orphaned and abandoned babies with special needs. We will love them, care for them, and prepare them for their forever family.

This Centre would be the first of its kind. Along with carrying out the mission stated, the Centre would be a place of teaching, healing, and hope for these children and their future families. We would work on awareness in the community along with teaching parents how to take care of their child with special needs.

For more information on The Special Needs center, email Dan Jacobs at [email protected]

Nirel Farm

Nirel Farm is a sustainability project under Hakima Ministries that will raise both crops and disciples in Christ. Nirel Farm will produce massive amounts of food while being able to provide jobs to at risk young adults emerging from children’s homes after high school and special adults transitioning into society.

As the farm grows and builds, at risk young adults identified through partnering children’s homes will be discipled and trained in the working of the farm as they explore what God has planned for them. After a year on the farm they will exit to higher education.

Nirel Farm in partnership with The Special Needs Center will take in special adults. These adults with special needs can still be a great benefit to society and can be self-reliant. The special adults will be taught a skill and proficiency they excel at while we look for a forever home for them.

Nirel Farm will be a completely sustainable project. The farm will also help sustain The Special Needs Center, through food security, income, training special adults, and a workforce from farm employees.

We will raise disciples in Christ and equip them to fulfill what God has planned for them.  Psalms 128:2 speaks of the blessings for the person who can work and provide for themselves.  Education can raise a person up to a place once thought impossible.  An education enables a person to read the Bible and grow their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Journey Church

To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

We believe that a local church is the core of all ministries.  We have the plans to build a 1,200 seat church on our campus that will serve the community, Kenya and all of East Africa.  This will be a local church that is focused on the Word of God, reaching the lost and fostering a Jesus Culture that will fuel the fire of transformation. We know that a local church provides the place for families to experience Jesus while discovering their God given gifts and abilities.  A local church brings focus and passion to a community that desires to see the power of God pour out His love and bring healing to the broken heart.   Psalms 78 says to tell the coming generation of the glorious deeds of the Lord, His might, and the wonders He has done.