Every week we have had the honor of going out into the community to grow his Kingdom through evangelism, discipleship, and outreach.  Twice per week we go the local market and hold a bible study and small church service to the local venders and customers.  It has been amazing to see how that local community has been growing in Christ and how they are changing their spiritual surroundings.  Again, twice per week, Hakima visits a local cancer center not far from the Terry’s house. This type of facility and care is a relatively new thing in Kenya. We go pray and worship with the patients and the staff of the center. We love spending time there counseling the staff and family of the patients?

We still feel called to minister everywhere we go.  Whether it is on the street, or in the bush, Hakima is always about sharing the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ.


Every Saturday, Hakima ministries to the youth at the Soysambu Conservancy.  There are approximately 110 children participating in crafts, food, games and Bible Study.

In Kenya, children are required to pay school fees to attend school.  We currently have an assistance program in place to help with these fees.  We partner with parents and their students as we encourage them in the importance of completing school.  We meet with the parents and students at the end of each term which is April, August and December to discuss their grades, attendance, and behavior.  These meetings give us an opportunity to build relationships as we disciple each family.  The school year flows with three months in school and one month holiday; beginning in January, ending in November.  During holidays we try to spend as much time with the students as we can.  We host a vacation Bible school for a week where all of the students can come to learn God’s word, have lunch & snacks, play games and sing songs.  We also meet two to three times a week for tutoring, games, lunch and Bible stories.


Kenya outlawed Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in 2011. Despite this, 21% of Kenyan women are circumcised today.   It is happening all around us.  We take every opportunity given to us to teach about human rights, health risks, and what the Word of God says about FGM.

Genesis 1:31 says, “Then God saw every thing that He had made, and indeed it was very good.” This verse presents the goodness of God’s creation including man whom He created in His image, according to His likeness.

FGM is known to be a cultural practice, though some people refer to it as a religious demand despite the fact that no religion mentions it. In Kenya FGM is deeply rooted among many tribes and consider it absolutely necessary for the passage of a young girl into womanhood.  Please pray with us as we continue believing God to stop FGM all over the world.

Recommended Youtube video:  ‘Her Story, Uncut:  Deka’s story’
There are many more informative videos on youtube if you can dare to watch them.


Many Kenyan families rely on small gardens to provide for their families. Farming God’s Way is a technique we use to empower and equip those families. Currently we have 47 families who we assist with training, seed distribution, prayer and discipleship. For those who cannot walk the miles to a church each Sunday, this gives them an opportunity to hear God’s word.


The movie Jesus is a very successful movie about the life of Jesus Christ. It is depicted in many of the tribal languages as well as the national language and that allows us to show it to virtually anyone no matter their circumstance. We love going anywhere and showing the film as well as Passion of the Christ. It gives us the opportunity to go door to door with local pastors and do evangelism.



We always welcome mission teams from any God centered background to come. We are very flexible with time and the number of people as well as needed abilities and skills. We can fit a schedule with what your team wants to accomplish on your mission.