Transforming the Now generation through education.  How do we do this?


Education is relevant and significant in making an impact for the Kingdom of God.  With 80% of the Kenyan population being under the age of thirty years old – 70% of this demographic is eighteen to twenty two years old.  Education is a fundamental element to the future.  Through education, people are equipped with life skills which prepare them to meet the challenges of life.  Education can be many things other than formal schooling.  Hakima is called to minister to the whole person – spirit, soul, mind and body.

All of our programs stand on one of four pillars: Bridging Denominations, Making Disciples, Building Families and Transforming Communities. These are the same pillars we have had from day one, and continue because they are kingdom driven. Each one of these pillars works in relationship with the others.


The farm will employ at risk young adults in Kenya.  At risk young adults would include but not limited to ones who are homeless, about to be sold as a dowry, recently aged out of local children’s home who we partner with, and kids who we already disciple and work with.  They will be taught life and trade skills as we most importantly disciple and train.  Nirel Farm will Teach, Train, and Rescue.  All employees of the farm will be disciple first and foremost.  They will all have the opportunity to attend an American ran Bible School in 8 week terms full time.  As well while at the farm they will learn life skills that most young adults anywhere lack.  While on the farm itself they will learn how to farm, trades associated with the farm, and serve in the community as we do outreach. Depending on the employee after a year or more they will evaluate on what’s the best next step for them.  Including going to college, a trade school, Bible College, or pursue full time employment.  Nirel will also be a local hub for community outreach and community training.  As the farm invests in the surrounding community, the community will invest into the young adults.  Although this is just a small farm we know God has big plans for Nirel.  The farm and structure can be replicated around Kenya and the East Africa region.  Nirel will teach, train, and rescue the Now generation in Kenya.


To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

We believe that a local church is the core of all ministries.  With the demographic in Kenya, and Africa as a whole, the Journey Church looks more like a youth movement.  This will be a local church that is focused on the Word of God, reaching the lost and fostering a Jesus Culture that will fuel the fire of transformation.  We know that a local church provides the place for families to experience Jesus while discovering their God given gifts and abilities.  A local church brings focus and passion to a community that desires to see the power of God pour out His love and bring healing to the broken heart.   Psalms 78 says to tell the coming generation of the glorious deeds of the Lord, His might, and the wonders He has done.