Education of Children

One of our Ministries on the farm includes sponsoring secondary students to further their education. We have mutual agreements with students to pay half of their fees in exchange they must maintain above a C level grade. This encourages the students to do their best as they are still invested in half of their education and to maintain their grades as they could lose their sponsorship.

Our vision is to develop a 200 acre campus here on the Soysambu Conservancy. This campus would consist of a poly-tech school, church, missionary training center, office space, convention space, food and beverage, dormitories for short and long term mission teams. Included in the master plan are a primary (elementary) and secondary (high) school, medium and long term residences, utilities, wildlife field study center and cabins for researchers. We have a preliminary design from our ministry partners with 100 Fold Studio ( 100 Fold Studio is an ordained relationship and we are excited to have them as a covenant partner.

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